Greetings from CEO




??Greetings! My name is DongSik Kim, CEO of Kweather.??


Kweather took form as Korea Weather Association (KWA) in 1966 and as the Private Weather Forecast Law became active in 1997, Kweather was incorporated as the initial private weather company in Korea.


Up to now, as a striving leader in weather, we have exploited new markets for the somewhat latent industry of Weather, pursuing infinite possibilities to take place as a new high value industrial concept.

Kweather discovered and established the stabilized revenue model from its core service, weather information service, and succeeded in publishing charged weather contents which nobody would ever expected to success. As a steppingstone, Kweather shows outstanding achievements in weather observation solution as well as weather effects evaluation and thus maintaining no. 1 in market share for all of the business area they pursue.


Kweather will always endeavor to create independent net profit in all the business areas by making accurate decision and concentration to be the best weather company.

Not just growing along with the existing market but by working to expand the entire market size, Kweather will grow with weather industry.


Weather is valuable intangible property essential for usage. Utilization of weather serves as a foundation for leading information era of the 21st century.


Kweather, with an objective of “creating high value through weather”, will strive to be a leader of weather industry in 21st century by continuous self innovation and development.


Kweather newly established forecasting center to service the private weather forecast to not just certain business entity and specific demand but also to general public. By internet ( and Smartphone application, Kweather provides weather forecast to public.

By providing differentiated private weather forecasting service not just to certain demand but also to general public, Kweather is expecting to contribute toward right understanding of the weather as well as service satisfaction improvement.


Please watch us growing along with the weather industry. Thank you.

                                                                                          Kweather Co., Ltd. CEO Dong Sik Kim