Weather broadcast business


Kweather Forecasters` Forecast built on the basis of weather broadcasting program, affiliates, Kweather On Kweather weather professional casters and PD personnel specializing in a variety of weather broadcast production / supply.

In addition, broadcasters, and enterprises to take advantage of the program that produced customized also available
Lifestyle Forecast

Broadcast weather forecast Forecasters Kweather itself, rather than to convey 6 hourly tailored to the lifestyle of modern people, satellites, local weather, marine weather forecast

??Count: 06, 16, 20 / airtime / weekdays, three times, twice a weekend

??Running time: 2 minutes or less



Suitable weather for food

Metropolitan lunch time on the day and hourly weather befitting the menu and food, places to introduce video

??Broadcasting time Views: 10 1 / weekdays / times

??Running time: 2 minutes or less


Weather and lifestyle information

Variety of life, common sense information (such as health, culture, skin, economy, etc.) according to the weather introduction video

??Broadcasting time Views: 14 1 / weekdays / times

??Running time: 2 minutes or less



Weekend weather focus

See Kweather forecasters and weekend weather broadcasts

Forecasters of weather information provided commentary make it easier to understand the regional weekend weather forecast

??Broadcasting time / count: 14/1 once a week (every Thursday)

??Running Time: 04 minutes or less