Weather Observation Service, WOS


Using the specialized weather observation system, Kweather provides WOS for weather elements analysis in environmental evaluation.

ㆍUnderstanding of weather conditions at a service site

ㆍObjective and systematic basis to prove accuracy of an evaluation

ㆍUsed as model-ready data to improve reliability


Site weather observation, WOS-AWS


Kweather creates a database for each components observed real-time from AWS at a service site. The databases are subsequently used in site weather condition analysis and creation input data of air quality model.




Upper-Air Weather Observation, WOS-sonde


After installing GPS sonde system at the site, flying balloon with sensor attached measures temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, and air pressure at each altitude. Atmospheric verticality structure at site is essential factor to detect diffusion of air pollutant, which is able to increase data reliability. Result of upper observation with weather observation result is used for vertical weather analysis condition at site and creation input data of air quality model when Environmental assessment service.



Urban Micrometeorological observation, WOS-Micro


For and urban planning purpose, Kweather provides urban environmental observation service as a basis for urban environmental assessment. Micrometeorological observation is performed simultaneously from numerous analysis points in urban area using AWS and is normally continued for three days. The data from urban environmental observation are used in site analysis and 3D numerical modeling (Envi-Met) to improve reliability of evaluation.