Long-term weather forecast


Help the long-term planning and combining the retail, fashion, energy and climate predictions of next season by identifying trends of the ongoing weather patterns


ㆍWeather forecast analysis Based on the analysis of historical data coming 3/6 months

ㆍProvide seasonally adjusted forecast heat such as wave / cold wave

ㆍLong-term outlook analysis with meteorological elements such as temperature, precipitation


1. Long-term outlook report


1-1. Long-term outlook report (general)

ㆍOffer the five major metropolitan nationwide 6-month long-term outlook report once a month

ㆍElements are a fixed format, Elements add and format cannot be changed


RegionAll Request areas available (land and sea)
ElementWeather, air temperature, precipitation probability, rainfall, wind speed, etc.
hurricanes, yellow dust and severe weather expected during SMS transmission
Forecast Period2 days
Update cycleTwice per day (08, 15).


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1-2. Long-term outlook report

ㆍCustomized reports produced after consultation with the desired areas and elements provided (5, 15, 25, each month provide)


RegionAll Request areas available
Element• Historical Summary of meteorological data (monthly)
• Six regional weather forecast summary
• Seasonal timing, 30-day forecast
• Precipitation Forecast: sunbyeol gangsuil and precipitation
• The long-term forecast meteorological elements: temperature, precipitation (normal years, last
   year, the expected value comparison)
• Summer / winter weather forecast summary
* Required elements (yellow sand, heat wave, a tropical night, cold wave, etc.) can be added
Forecast Period1-6 months
Update cycle3 times a month (orderly update), periodic consultations.


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