Energy source consultancy


Kweather possesses latest measurement equipment for wind source measurement and provides optimized service using weather data process and consulting by expert.


Wind source consultancy


Kweather provides basis data for generator operation by predicting generation quantity based on wind data and generator design data from estimated installation site for wind generator. Customer is able to choose the most suitable service amongst various consulting service.





Wind source observation system


ㆍWhen establishing wind power plant, wind measurement is basic and essential factors including advanced assessment for site
   establishment and prediction of energy output during operation.

ㆍKweather provides Lidar type observation system for high quality wind observation, which overcomes disadvantages of fixed tower
   and AWS installed to fixed tower.


1. Lidar


ㆍIt called Laser Rader and stands for Light detection And Ranging or Laser identification And Ranging

ㆍLidar operates as same principle with radar using microwave. However, it has much higher accuracy by using light pulse instead of
   electronic pulse.

ㆍIt is optimized wind observation system for construction of wind farm because it overcomes disadvantages of fixed tower and is easy
   to install in any conditions and move observation site.






2. Traditional anemometry masts – AWS

ㆍAWS (Automatic Weather Station) is a system observing wind source by using fixed tower.

ㆍThe system has been used for Wind Source research for a long time and provides a variety of composition.