Weather Radar


Weather Radar measures cloud and precipitation particle by using Doppler Effect from transmitter and receiver pulse. Using the weather Doppler radar, typhoon, heavy rain, precipitation particle and its descending speed, etc. can be observed. The system is composed by a radome, radar receiver and transmitter, antenna and it is classified by its transmitting wavelength, X (3cm)-band, C (5cm)-band, and S (10cm)-band.



Presently, KMA has installed Doppler weather radar in Kwanak mountain, Donghae, Gunsan, Busan, Jeju Island, Baekryung island, etc. to prevent weather disaster by estimating precipitation probability. Kweather is cooperating with SELEX-Gematronik Sistemi Integrati (formerly known as AMS Gematronik), the manufacturer of Doppler weather radar, which has more than hundred radar system over 43 countries in the world. In year 2006, Kweather successfully installed Jeju Sungsanpo and Gosan S-Band weather radar with measurement radius of 480 km. With much experience, Kweather is now working on supplying X-band and C-band radar system in Korea.