Automatic Weather System, AWS


Various sensors are sourced and used for project proposes and for new system developments. Real-time data measured from the sensor is transmitted automatically to the database in minutes or seconds. This system analyzes and manages the data efficiency. There are various types of AWS depending on sensor composition.



          <Basic composition of AWS>





Automated Surface Observing System, ASOS

ASOS, as a Automated Surface Observing System, is designed for uses of public office. It measures various weather factors except for observer estimation weather and also, performs various tasks automatically including transmission, managing measured data etc.



Portable Weather Station, PWS


Portable Weather Station allows user to move and install ground-fixed weather observation equipment. It is designed to move and install to the field at user`s convenience for various purpose such as fire forest research, micrometeorological observation, etc. As a portable weather station, it supports carrying case, tower, and solar power system.