Weather Demand Prospect


Research weather scientifically and statistically over the next 3-12 months that will influence customers` key management indicators (sales, sales, etc.) in the form of tables and graphs in a single report.

Weather Demand ProspectWeather Demand Prospect : Analyze a relationship between key management indicators
  and Weather. (Included in the first report)

Orderly/monthly weather forecast : Provide weather prospect for each meteorological
   factors(temperature, precipitation, etc.) on a monthly basis over the next 3-12 months.

Severe weather outlook : Prospects for the severe weather elements (heavy rains,
    heat waves, yellow sand, etc.) for next 3-12 months.
   - Example: In April stronger yellow dust is likely to be occurred compare to average years

Orderly/monthly demand prediction : Prospect a demand of product and service
   based on the above weather forecasting
Development period It takes 40 business days for writing 1st Report, from the 2nd report it takes 15 business days (regardless of the number of items)
Major targeting business sector Apparel, retail, leisure, foodservice etc.