Weather Sales Index


ㆍConvert weather risk related to the customer business into weather index Provide weather impact analysis service to customers


Product Configuration Meteorological Overview : Provide three days (D +0 to D +3) information about weather

Weather sales index : Provide three days (D +0 to D +3) weather information according
   to the meteorological Survey and express them into a weather sales index

Summary of severe weather impact : Provide information about the impact on sales
   due to the severe weather in the case of past severe weather by express them with
   number of visitors or sales record
Development period It takes about 60 business days
Major targeting business sector Apparel, retail, leisure, foodservice etc.
Development resources 3 staffs per one project (1 project manager, 2 assistant)
Targeting Companies Distribution, confectionery, bakery, clothing, etc.
Service System Customer intranet, builds a POS system in the form of S / W, or Web page


날씨판매지수 그림(수정본)



ㆍIncrease the satisfaction of store owners: More than 90% of store owners showed very positive response

ㆍOperating profit increased: Business income increase is expected as sales increase and incidental cost decrease