Indoor air quality measurement and consultancy


Indoor environment Center provides consulting service including environment improvement, maintenance, and indoor air quality measurement agency with expert and latest equipment.




Multiple Use Facility


Relevant evidence & Application target


ㆍAccording to Indoor Air Quality Administration Act for Multiple Use Facility (Enforced on 30th May 2004), owner of facility needs to
  report to governor after requesting the measurement of indoor Air quality to specialized agency.




Standard Criteria





Education center


Relevant evidence & Application target


ㆍEvery education center according to Early Childhood Education Act, 2 article, 2 clause and Middle & High school education Act,
   2 article.

ㆍEvery facility according to Act of education center establishment (below high school) and University establishment.


Standard Criteria





New apartment house


Relevant evidence & Application target


ㆍEvery building applying construction permission according to building act, 8 article or permission of business plan, since enforcing
   law (30th May 04) According to Housing Act, 16 article,

ㆍApartment, terraced house, and dormitory belonging to building according to building Act 2 article, 2 clauses, no. 2.


Standard Criteria