Environmental Assessment Service

Using different analysis methods and the latest 3D air quality diffusion modeling, Kweather provides professional and scientific air quality effect prediction evaluation.


1. Atmospheric Analysis Report, EAS-Met

Using different analysis methods and the latest 3D atmospheric numerical modeling, Kweather analyzes weather condition at a client`s site and provides expert environmental assessment.


Assessment service contents

ㆍComprehensive Weather Analysis of Site

ㆍForeseen Weather Change after project Performance

ㆍAnalysis from 3D Atmospheric Modeling (MM5, WRF, CALMET, etc.)

ㆍScientific basis of weather change for future project including Dam, Power plant, ETC.)




2. Air Quality Analysis Report, EAS-Air

Kweather provides a variety of evaluation reports including air quality analysis report, urban weather analysis, and sunshine duration analysis, etc. Using the most reliable computerized system and the latest technology needed for air quality analysis, Kweather provides systematic and reliable environmental assessment.


Assessment service contents

ㆍWrite report about Environmental Assessment service items(weather/air quality/stench/green-house gas/healthy assessment

ㆍAnalysis of Pollutant materials (fine dust, NO2, SO2, etc.) from Plume(ISC and AERMOD), Puff(CALPUFF) model

ㆍAnalysis of Secondary pollutant material (ozone) through chemical transport model(CMAQ)

ㆍWeather (fog) analysis using Cooling Tower module




3. Micrometeorological assessment in Center of town, EAS-City


Based on urban micrometeorological observation data, Kweather uses various analysis methods and the latest 3D micrometeorological modeling to provide EAS-City for effective urban planning.

Kweather provides professional assessment for predictive weather changes due to urban planning as well as human thermal comfort and walking environment for sustainable city life.


Assessment service contents

ㆍMicrometeorological condition analysis of site surrounding area using urban weather observation data.

ㆍPredictive simulation of weather change using the latest 3D numerical modeling

ㆍAnalysis of Micrometeorological condition (local wind, temperature, humidity etc.) considering effects on building, structure, human
   and vegetation caused by project performance

ㆍAssessment of Human thermal comfort and walking environment after project performance



4. Analysis of Regional wind field/route, EAS-Wind


Using different analysis methods and the latest 3D weather modeling, Kweather provides regional wind field and wind route analysis for a client`s site. As the significant meteorological components related to air pollution diffusion and human thermal comfort, regional wind field and wind route is being used as a basis for effective urban planning.


Assessment contents

ㆍAnalysis of wind speed and direction data from site observation

ㆍAnalysis of Regional wind field using the latest 3D weather numerical modeling and Data Synchronization

ㆍWind route analysis considering regional landscape and building arrangement

ㆍWind route analysis for effective urban planning