Meteorological information content


Meteorological information content services hold a variety of contents using various numerical index such as Kweather forecast, KMA forecast to meet various requirements in a web environment
1. Basic weather information

Current weatherCurrent weather of cities, AWS observation data, buoy observations data and lighthouse observation data
KMA forecast Meteorological Survey, Surface Forecast (12 time units), Marine Weather Forecast, Weekly Forecast, Neighborhood Forecast
World Weather7-Day Forecast for more than 170 major cities, current weather and time for over 5400 major cities / climate information
Severe weather alertsNewsflash and advisories for strong winds, heavy rain, cold wave, dry, tsunami, storm, typhoon, heavy snow, yellow dust, heat waves
Aviation weatherObservations, aviation forecasts, aviation newsflash

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2. Application content

Leisure WeatherWeather information of leisure related businesses, Mountains, valleys, beaches, theme parks, fishing etc., are expressed
Sports WeatherWeather information of sport stadium related businesses, golf courses, ski slopes, a soccer field, baseball etc., are expressed
Transportation WeatherWeather information of each highway section and airport are expressed
Life QuotesProvides necessary (Kweather and KMA) index for everyday life
- KMA : Food poisoning, freezing, heat waves, ultraviolet rays, corruption, humidity,
   air pollution, effective
- Kweather : Ultraviolet light, heat waves, outing, laundry, car wash, precaution against fire,
   exercise, pollution, corruption, ultraviolet light, heat, cold


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