Advertise Product


1. Mobile Application Weather Matching Advertisement

Depending on the weather conditions, (Rain / snow / temperature / humidity, etc.) expose brand advertisement.

ㆍUnlike most network banner advertisements, expose advertisement directly on the desired conditions to expect high advertising

ㆍAdvertising Landing Action available (PV and clicks possible)




<Expose relevant advertisement product when weather conditions associated with advertising items>

Advertisers select the appropriate weather conditions to maximize the sales of its products, and it reflects the weather matching advertisement in progress






2. Mobile Strip Banner Advertisement
Concurrently enforce 7 weather-related media as just one banner!

ㆍMedia and enforcement: Kweather weather, Kweather Mobile Web, On Kweather, Golf Weather, Kweather HD, Yellow Sand

ㆍMobile strip banner ad unit CPM 1,000, the average CTR 0.5 to 0.8%

   (ex) Monthly 1,000,000 PV, to 1,000,000 won when it exposed